Tips to the Brides and grooms

After shooting lots of weddings, I would like to summarize some tips for the brides to help generate better images. Some of the tips are also useful for the grooms or even guests, so please read it if you want to have some good wedding photography pictures 🙂

Tip 1: Always try to arrange at least half an hour’s time for the bride and groom to work with the photographer alone after the ceremony to take pictures. Ideally, one hour is needed to get great shots.

Tip 2: There are two types of shots: Formal shots and photojournalistic shots. For formal shots, please look at the camera and pay attention to the photographer; For photojournalistic shots, please concentrate on what you are doing and pay attention to other people, not the photographers.

Tip 3: Be happy and be emotional. It is your big day and you should enjoy every moment of it. Laugh loudly and cry happlily, yes I mean “cry happliy”. Great pictures come from real emotions.

More tips are coming! I will update this post when I have time.