Dolphin & Qianheng | San Francisco wedding photographer

Dolphin and Qianheng flyed a long way from Ohio to San Francisco for their wedding session with me. They found me and booked me via internet last year. We communicated many times via emails. The first time that we met was also the first time that we took pictures. The weather was perfect that day. We first took some pictures of wedding preparation at Nikko hotel, San Francisco. Then we went down to San Francisco City Hall, Legion of Honor, the Palace of Fine Arts, Japanese Tea Garden and Bakers Beach for more photos. My assistant Vicky helped a lot during the whole session and the pictures turned out great! It will take me more time to process the pictures but I would like to share some of them now since I can’t resisit the excitation. More pictures will come along the way so please check back later!

Bridal preparation

Bridal veil

Bride side look

Bridal gown, Nikko Hotel, San Francisco

Bride looking out window

san jose wedding

wedding ring San Francisco San Jose Wedding

Wedding photo at Legion of Honor San Francisco

Wedding photo at legion of Hono, San Francisco

San Jose wedding photography

Wedding photo at Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Wedding photo at Japancese Tea Garden, San Francisco

bridal portrait

Wedding picture at Bakers beach, San Francisco

Bakers beach wedding photography

Sunset wedding photo

Sunset love