B & X | Stanford University Wedding Portrait

Biyun and Xiaowei are getting married out of state soon. They are both students from Stanford University so that they would like to have something precious to remember before they the leave the country. No doubt, the best thing will be some romantic photos that are taken at the campus they used to study and live. Therefore, we had the wedding portrait session at Stanford University campus in Palo Alto. Biyun got a beautiful wedding dress and we were lucky enough to get inside Stanford Memorial church to take few photos. Stanford Memorial Church is a very popular site for bay area weddings. We also went to the red barn area on the other side of the campus to take more photos. You know what? we even got some shots with horses!

Here are some of my favorite photos 🙂

I hope that many years down the road, these photos will bring back to life their old days in Stanford University.