A Fine Art Photobook

As a wedding photographer, I love albums. Why? Some people might think that albums are outdated in a digital media age. Actually, wedding albums are getting much better than before thanks to the help to technical advance. Albums have better bonding quality than before. Digital flush mount albums look so good since they allow photos to cover two pages without split. They also provide dramatic ways to arrange the photos freely. With a flush-mount wedding album, the bride can proudly show the wedding story to her family and friends.

A month ago, I was lucky to be offered a sample of Fine Art Photobook from Fineart Albums. So I used photos from Jin & Jae’s engagement sessions in San Francisco for this album. When I received the album, I was really impresed by the quality of print, paper and binding. The album is in the same level of lay-flat photo books that I am offering. Its matte photo cover gives a different feeling from the canvas photo cover of my current lay-flat photo book. But the internal binding and printing of the fine art photo book is a major improvement over the current lay-flat photo book. The paper feels thicker and much higher quality. Most importantly, there is no gutter between pages!

The paper are thick but flexible. You can bend the paper of the album. But it will return to flat after you release the pressue.

The paper also comes with protection so that it can last forever. So yes, I am going to offer this new fine art photo book to my future clients!