Ana | Santana Row, San Jose| Bay Area Photographer

It was my great pleasure working with Ana at beautiful Santana Row, San Jose. Similar to most of my clients, this is the first time that Ana took professional pictures. Ana wanted to look glamorous and beautiful, which is exactly what I am good at. We pre-communicated and discussed what kind of dresses and shoes she should wear. Ana also sent me several photos of her before the photo shoot so that I had some ideas on what to expect and what angles I might use. Ana did lots of preparation according to my suggestions. She did lots of shopping and got some pretty dresses and shoes, which helped a lot for the photo shoot. By dressing differently from what she usually wears, Ana looked like a super model and we had lots of fun working together. Here are several of my favorite photos.

photo at santana row by bay area photographer

Different from my traditional sunny and colorful style (like the one above), I also used a different style for some photos, since I felt that the processing fit the environment on Santana Row street very well. The color is colder than usual for the following photos.

Santana Row fashion photo

Bay area wedding photographer

Santana Row fashion photo shoot