My & Christian | Heather Farms Walnut Creek Wedding

My & Christian got married at Heather Frams Walnut Creek in East Bay Area, California. Heather Farms is a beautiful park with a lake and rose garden. The wedding site is right beside the rose garden. It rained throughout the day. I took wedding photos during the rain before and this was not a problem for me. “The rain can be romantic”. The photo in the rain typically has a special feeling. It is also natural to bring out umbrellas, which are good props for photography.

The ceremony site is in front of a gazebo in the Gardens at Heather Farms, Walnut Creek. Thanks to the accurate weather, there was 45 minutes without the rain. So people went to the ceremony site when the rain stopped and the ceremony started smoothly. After the ceremony, I took several group photos quickly. After the job was done, it started raining again. Later on, video photographer and I were able to pursuade My and Christian to take some photos again in the rain. Thanks to My & Christian’s cooperation, we could accomplish the job successfully. Now, here are the photos!

bay area wedding photographer

Wedding ring with pumpkin. The words on the pumpkin are “Autumn blessings”. These are for you, My & Christian!

Bay area wedding photographer at Heather farms, walnut creek

Bay area wedding photographer at heather farms, walnut creek

Kiss in the rain.

east bay area wedding photographer

east bay area wedding photographer

bay area wedding photographer at walnut creek

The following photo is the happy look of Christian when My made the entrance at the beginning of ceremony.

bay area wedding photographer at heather farms

Bay area wedding photographer at the ceremony

east bay wedding photographer, california

bay area wedding photographer

Congratulations to you, My & Christian!