M&K| San Francisco Wedding Portratis

Mita and Kaiwen was married in Cancun Mexico last year. This year, we were happy to work with the cute couple to take some wedding portraits in San Francisco. It is a good time since it is almost their wedding anniversary. We decided to take some unique photos along with some general ones. So the first stop is at the Golden Gate Park, where we took some photos when the couple are on the boat. Since Golden Gate bridge is a landmark in the Bay area, when it was dark, I took one of my favorite shots with the couple in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, with their reflection shown in the water. It was cold and wet. After the photo shoot, Mita’s dress was completely wet and muddy; Kaiwen’s shoes were wet too. But it is well worth the effort. I have the photo as the proof 🙂

The following are some selected photos from the bridal portrait session in San Francisco. The first photo was taken with the bride and groom in front of the Golden Gate bridge.

Best Golden Gate Bridge wedding photo Number 1

MK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_071sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_031sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_035sBest Boating wedding photoMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_063sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_007sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_076sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_118sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_128sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_131sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_099sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_157sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_153sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_144sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_163sMK_San_Francisco_wedding_portraits_168sSan Francisco bridal portraits