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Dear friends, my photos for Sara & Ryan’s wedding are beining featured in the front page of! This website provides information for many talented wedding photographers nation wide, including San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz and great Bay Area. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

My & Christian | Heather Farms Walnut Creek Wedding

My & Christian got married at Heather Frams Walnut Creek in East Bay Area, California. Heather Farms is a beautiful park with a lake and rose garden. The wedding site is right beside the rose garden. It rained throughout the day. I took wedding photos during the rain before and this was not a problem for me. “The rain can be romantic”. The photo in the rain typically has a special feeling. It is also natural to bring out umbrellas, which are good props for photography.

The ceremony site is in front of a gazebo in the Gardens at Heather Farms, Walnut Creek. Thanks to the accurate weather, there was 45 minutes without the rain. So people went to the ceremony site when the rain stopped and the ceremony started smoothly. After the ceremony, I took several group photos quickly. After the job was done, it started raining again. Later on, video photographer and I were able to pursuade My and Christian to take some photos again in the rain. Thanks to My & Christian’s cooperation, we could accomplish the job successfully. Now, here are the photos!

bay area wedding photographer

Wedding ring with pumpkin. The words on the pumpkin are “Autumn blessings”. These are for you, My & Christian!

Bay area wedding photographer at Heather farms, walnut creek

Bay area wedding photographer at heather farms, walnut creek

Kiss in the rain.

east bay area wedding photographer

east bay area wedding photographer

bay area wedding photographer at walnut creek

The following photo is the happy look of Christian when My made the entrance at the beginning of ceremony.

bay area wedding photographer at heather farms

Bay area wedding photographer at the ceremony

east bay wedding photographer, california

bay area wedding photographer

Congratulations to you, My & Christian!

Molly & Jeff | San Francisco Wedding photographer

Molly & Jeff got married in northern San Francisco Bay area. The wedding ceremony site is at the scenic Community Congregational Church of Tiburon, CA. The church is on top of a hill and overlooks the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Golden Gate bridge can be seen from the ceremony site. The view is simply breath-taking. Wedding ceremony was in the afternoon. After the ceremony, I worked with Molly & Jeff in the surrounding area to take more photos. They were easy to work with and very natural in front of the camera. The lighting in late afternoon turned golden and I was able to take some nice photos using San Francisco Bay as the background. Molly’s long and big bridal veil made the photo more dramatic.

The reception site is at Harbor Point Tennis and Swim Club, Mill Valley, CA. This is another beautiful venue which is located on the other side of San Francisco Bay. The reception hall is built into the water. Molly & Jeff put lots of efforts on the details and I love, love to take pictures of small details. What a romantic night!

wedding dress by San francisco wedding photographer

bride preparation by san francisco wedding photographer

There is no doubt that Congregational Church of Tiburon is one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding sites.

Tiburon wedding by san francisco wedding photographer

kiss after wedding ceremony at san francisco bay area

san francisco wedding phtographer

san francisco wedding photographer, bay area wedding photographer

san francisco wedding photographer

San francisco wedding photographer at Tiburon

I love to take sunset photos since I came from landscape photography a long time ago. I love to combine people with mother nature together.

sunset kiss by san francisco wedding photographer

When the sun went down at the San Francisco Bay, I took a last shot of the wedding site and then drove down to the reception site.

San francisco wedding photographer

The wedding cake was nicely decorated with Molly & Jeff’s figures.

wedding cake photo by bay area wedding photographer

I am going to stop here for Molly & Jeff’s wedding. Congratulations and best wishes to Molly & Jeff!

tanya - November 14, 2010 - 11:15 am

The kissing photo uder the wedding veil is so classic and dreamy. You are no doubt one of the best wedding photographers in the whole bay Area!

Sara & Paul|Freedom Hall & Gardens, Santa Clara|Bay Area wedding photographer

Sara & Paul got married at Freedom Hall & Gardens at Santa Clara, CA. They got ready at Marriott, Santa Clara. The hotel is only one block away from the wedding venue. Marriott is one of my favorite hotel chains and I always have good experience with it.

Freedom Hall & Garden at Santa Clara is a hidden gem in the heart of Bay Area. The area is surrounded by office buildings and is close to Great America, Santa Clara. There is a small waterfall and several fountains in the garden. The scene is beautiful. The staffs at the wedding venue are also amazing. Sandy from Freedom Hall & Garden is one of the best wedding coordinators that I have ever met. She is so helpful and well organized. She understands what a photographer needs and did a fantastic job. During the reception, without my asking, she arranged me (the wedding photographer) to sit at a convenient location and asked me to be served right after the wedding party. This allowed me to have enough time to eat and totally ready before the toast. The lighting at the venue is also beautiful.

I will start the post with decoration at the wedding venue (Freedom Hall & Garden at Santa Clara).

santa clara wedding photographer; bay area wedding photographer

santa clara wedding photographer

Beautiful blue wedding shoes

 santa clara wedding photographer shoe photo

bride kissing flower girl

bride wears wedding dress

The cute flower girl.

bay area wedding photographer

santa clara wedding photographer

Paul and his groomsmen

santa clara wedding photography

santa clara wedding photographer

santa clara wedding at freedom hall & gardens

Sara & Paul at Freedom hall & gardens, santa clara, ca

Congratulations to you, Sara and Paul!

Linda - November 4, 2010 - 9:14 pm

You are one of the most amazing photographers in SF Bay Area! You totally nailed it by capturing the emotions in the photos.

Matthew & Miwako Wedding|Mission Santa Clara de Asis|Santa Clara Wedding Photographer

Matthew & Miwako got married at the beautiful Mission Santa Clara de Asis, Santa Clara, CA. Miwako is a traditional Japanese lady. Matt and Miwako met in Japan and they got married in Mission Santa Clara, California, US. How romantic is that for an international wedding! Miwako’s parents flied from Japan to attend the wedding.

Matthew & Miwako got ready in Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara. The wedding reception venue is also in Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara. I took wedding photos for Edwin and Evie last year at Hyatt Regency and I like the place a lot. As usual, I left early for the hotel to have some buffer. I first went to the bride’s room and took some photos of the wedding dress, flowers and shoes. Then I headed to Matthew’s room. When he opened the door, I did not recognize him for the first minute since he took off his glasses and he looked great!

After the wedding ceremony, I worked with the wedding party at the garden area in Mission Santa Clara de Asis. We had lots of fun! Then we headed for Hyatt Regency at Santa Clara for the reception.  Since Matthew and Miwako booked a wedding photography pakcage with a wedding book, I will post photos of the wedding book.

The color of their wedding is yellow. The bridesmaids also wear yellow dresses. The following is a photo of details.

santa clara wedding photographer, bay area wedding photographer

I used M&M for the wedding ring shot since Matthew & Miwako both had the initial letters of “M”.

bride in bridal veil

Groom with groomsmen group photo, santa clara wedding photography

Santa clara wedding photography at Hyatt Regency

Santa Clara wedding at Mission de Asis

Mission Santa Clara de Asis wedding

Mission Santa Clara de Asis is so beautiful. The following is a photo taken from the back of the hall.

Santa Clara wedding photographer, bay area wedding photograher

After the ceremony, we took group photos inside the Santa Clara Mission garden area.

Best santa clara Mission de Asis wedding photo

The wedding cake is blue color decorated with yellow flowers.

Hyatt Regency, Santa clara wedding

santa clara wedding photographer

There are still lots of photos, but I will stop here since it should highlight most of the wedding. Congratulations to you, Matthew & Miwako!

Sarah - November 4, 2010 - 9:16 pm

Beautiful, beautiful work. Some of the best wedding photos that I have seen!

— Sarah