A&C| Belgatos Park and Vasona Park Engagement

Andrea & Chris got engaged! I took their engagement photo at Belgatos Park and Vasona Park in Los Gatos. It was the first time that I took photos at Belgatos Park. This park is so beautiful that I will definitely go back again for more engagement photos in the future. This is one of the benefits of being a wedding photographer, who has the chance to discover natural beauties surrounding us. During the engagement session, I was thrilled to find out that Andrea’s makeup artist is Brenda, who is also one of my brides. I took Miranda & Jojo’s engagement session in Carmel by the sea last year. It is such a small world! Andrea & Chris made amazing preparation for the engagement session and no doubt this is one of my favorite engagement sessions.

The following are some selected photos from this engagement session. I can’t wait to work with them for their engagement session this year.

AC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_017sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_015sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_022sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_020sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_023sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_026sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_027sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_030sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_007sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_009sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_014sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_033sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_035sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_054sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_066sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_038sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_040sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_044sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_048sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_049sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_069sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_073sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_075sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_081sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_089sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_095sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_096sAC_Belgatos_Park _Engagement_105s