G&G| Popp Fountain wedding at New Orleans City Park

Gillian & George got married at the beautiful Popp Foutain and Arbor Room, New Orleans City Park. This is a destination wedding photography gig and I was honored to be part of their big day. The bride and groom booked me through the internet without meeting in person.

The weather was fantastic and the wedding was just perfect. We started in the early morning where Gillian & George got ready for the wedding day in a local hotel in New Orleans. The water in the Popp Fountain formed a beautiful drop during the wedding ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, we walked around New Orleans City Park for more wedding portraits. This was such an unforgettable trip. Because not only I was able to capture a gorgeous wedding in this charming city of New Orleans, but also I was able to taste some fantastic seafood. For sure that I will come back to New Orleans to photograph more weddings in the future.

The following is a sneak preview of the wedding. More photos are coming.


To be Continued!

Z&X| San Francisco Wedding Dress/Bridal Portrait Session

Zhiya & Xiaoyu are getting married soon. So I had pleasure working with them for the wedding dress/bridal portrait session in San Francisco. Our first photography site is the Palace of Fine Arts. The Palace of Fine Arts is a popular wedding venue in San Francisco. Our last site is very exciting, because it is one of the highest places in San Francisco, Twin Peaks. Moreover, the photoshoot is at night time.

The following are some selected photos from this pre-wedding photo shoot in San Francisco. I can’t wait working with them for their weddings.


Ding ding - March 29, 2014 - 10:30 am

Very nice!!!

V&R| Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery Wedding

Victoria & Rick got married! Their wedding venue is at beautiful Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery, Pleasanton, CA. I worked with them for their engagement session at east bay area last year. It was great to work with them again. I love winery weddings because of the special romance atmosphere filled with fruity red wine and aromatic white wine. Victoria and Rick decided to see each other before the wedding ceremony, which gave us plenty of time photographing two of them and the wedding party. Their first look was so touching that it was one of my most favorite first look shot. You could feel the true love between them. I took the last set of photos for them when it was completely dark.

The following are some selected photos from Victoria & Rick’s wedding of Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. Congratulations to you, Victoria & Rick!

Taylor - March 10, 2014 - 10:00 am

Oh my, absolutely gorgeous!

Linda - March 7, 2014 - 5:09 pm

Fantastic photos! Looking forward to seeing more

K&J | Baker Beach engagement

Katie & Jeremy plan to get married in a beautiful wedding venue in east bay area. So they decided to take engagement photos and use them for invitation purpose. I was happy working with them at Baker beach, San Francisco for the engagement photos. We spent the whole time walking around the beach. It was amazing how much variety Baker beach was providing for the photo opportunities. Katie and Jeremy also brought their dog to take the save the date photo. The dog was very active and we had lots of fun posing her. She moved so fast that I had less than a second to take the perfect shot.

The following are some selected photos from this engagement session. We can’t wait to work with them for their wedding this year!

dogblogqatar.com - April 18, 2014 - 4:10 am

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Katie Alpizar - March 25, 2014 - 6:36 pm

Thanks for the great engagement photos David! We will cherish these always!

Wen - March 9, 2014 - 11:46 am

Gorgeous shots David!

S&C | Stanford University Engagement

I had pleasure working with Sasha & Callum for their engagement session in Stanford University and Palo Alto downtown. Stanford University campus is very beautiful, even in the Winter day. Memorial church at Stanford University is a very popular wedding ceremony site. Sasha and Callum got to know each other at Stanford University. So this engagement session has special meaning for them. We first started from the graduate school area and then went inside the classroom for some fun photos. When it is dark, we headed to Palo Alto downtown area for some night photos.

The following are some selected photos from this engagement session at Stanford University. I can’t wait to work with them for their wedding.SC_Stanford_university_engagement_093sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_024sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_026sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_031sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_034sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_011sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_045sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_044sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_058sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_071sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_073sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_080sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_091sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_100sSC_Stanford_university_engagement_102s